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"You like this don’t you, boy? You like my cock deep inside your hole. Cunting you. Making you my bitch. You’ve been waiting for me to mount you, use you, pound you into submission, and seed you since the day we met. You’ve been lusting after this. Don’t lie. I’ve seen it in your face, in your eyes. These feelings have terrified you. But now that I’m taking your manhood, you’ve never felt so good. You feel so complete, so fulfilled, so right. You’re my little bitch. Boy, you’re not gay. That’s not what this is about. You’re a faggot and I own you now just as you’ve always wanted."
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mmmmmmmmmm…  :P
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its the sun bro
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Sexy ass in the shower.
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I Want To Throat It
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Going for a drive
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Low hangers
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from The Red Lounge in Windsor, Ontario.

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